AngularJS Modules

  • Angular Bootstrap Calendar

    A Twitter Bootstrap-based Calendar directive. I needed something to display events for an app. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but it was a lot better than trying to write one myself. I like the interactions in the month view.

  • Angular Google Chart

    Angular Google Chart is a module that provides an AngularJS directive to interact with the Google Charts API. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m one of the core contributors to this project, so I’m a little biased in favour of this project.

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    Still a bit rough around the edges, this new editor from Microsoft is based on their Monaco Editor. With the advent of Github’s Electron application shell, the Monaco editor was swiftly adapted for cross-platform development. Made Open-Source at the Microsoft Connect event in November 2015.

Database Tools and Libraries

  • Node db-migrate

    Node db-migrate is a relatively light-weight utility for handling structured version changes to your database schema. The paradigm is very similar to migration authoring in .NET’s Entity Framework, or Ruby’s Active Record, but without the heavy-weight Object Relational Mapper (ORM) component.

    I generally prefer to write raw SQL for my data access layer, so this is a nice solution for change management without tripping over an ORM.

    Official support provided for Mysql, PostgreSQL, sqlite3, and MongoDB.

  • node-pg

    This is the defacto standard for postgres drivers in Node. There are a number of convenience layers built on top of node-pg, but I personally like to work directly in raw SQL for my data access layer.

    node-pg directly handles a number of essential features for a SQL database driver, including query parameterization.

    node-pg has support for both native bindings for libpq, and a 100% JavaScript implementation which is nice because it doesn’t require linked libraries or compiling native code.