• F-Prime Release Tags (Hidden Dependency)

    While I was working through the Install Guide, I ran into a small issue. It was pretty easy to work around, but here’s what it was and how to fix it, in case someone else runs into the same problem.

  • Star Rover: What's Next?

    Almost 2 years ago now, I set out to build a clone of the Sawppy Rover project. As a robotics chassis inspired by the Curiosity Mars Rover, it's proven to be fairly capable as a platform. The base robot chassis has been finished construction for some time now. And it's time to set some new project goals to expand on what I learned from the base project.

  • Small Storage System Remodel

    A while back, I found this excellent screw storage system on Thingiverse, but I wanted it to have a locking closure. So I remodelled it in OnShape and customized it for my use.

  • Improved Servo Couplers

    Sawppy's original servo horns came with tiny screws, which tended to pull out of the plastic servo horn. Here, I designed a replacement for some metal servo horns.

  • Sawppy: Raspberry Pi 4B

    Replacing the Arduino Nano-based joystick controller with Raspberry Pi 4B over WiFi.

  • Minecraft on 64-bit Raspberry Pi

    After considerable hunting and troubleshooting, I managed to get the (nearly) latest version of Minecraft installed on a Raspberry Pi 4, running a 64-bit build of Ubuntu MATE.

  • File > New Project: Building a Rover

    With this week's launch of NASA's Perseverance mission to Mars, I felt inspired to start a new project.

  • File Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

    Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love /opt.

  • Introducing: Terraform Provider for Ansible

    Officially announcing a little side-project I've been working on for a few months, to integrate Terraform and Ansible into a simplified workflow.

  • Setting up Apple Disk Encryption

    Setting up a storage device for transparent encryption on OSX.

  • TypeScript for Small Projects, Too!

    At my previous job working with Back IO, I was working almost exclusively with TypeScript. It was certainly an eye-opening experience. In this article, I provide a bit of an update on the TypeScript developer experience.

  • Exploring Concepts: Writing Garbage Code on Purpose

    Sometimes we go off in the weeds, down a path that doesn't lead to some poorly written software. It's ok to go back to where you started. That's why we have version control.

  • Disable Caching During Development with Browser Tools

    Caching is a necessary evil, for production websites. But during development caching can just be a bother with no benefit. Here's how to disable caching in the browser during development.

  • AngularJS, I Love You

    I haven't had an opportunity to work with AngularJS in a number of months, but talking to a prospective client recently reminded me how much I love the framwork and the community.

  • How to Authenticate with Azure Resource Management API with the Azure NodeJS SDK

    I was recently working with the Azure Resource Management API in NodeJS for some work with Back I/O. I found the authentication process was rather poorly documented, so I thought I'd share my findings. This authentication method allows the application to access resources without a user credentials.

  • Visual Studio Quick Tip: Show All Files

    A little feature of solution explorer that I let go unnoticed for years, that I couldn't live without.

  • Angular-Google-Chart Image Overlays

    An example of how to position images on the chart area relative to data. Today's post is made better with Maple.

  • CodePenTo is Coming!

    I'm getting excited for CodePenTo next wednesday, so I thought I'd tackle a mini project.

  • Abstractions

    My random ramblings on the nature of abstraction.

  • Google Charts API Promise

    The Google Charts API must be loaded asynchronously, so how can you tell when it's loaded? In this post I answer that, and also give some related tips and tricks.

  • AngularJS Style Guide

    Short article highlighting a coding style guide by John Papa. The helpful open-source guide is hosted on github.

  • Angular-Google-Chart with Material Design Bar Charts

    A short how-to of using the Google Charts API's new Material Design versions of Bar and Line charts.

  • Practice Problems

    There has been some increasing attention to the idea of coding practice. Whether it's to prepare for an interview, or to prove you're the best, coding practice problems is a great way to hone you're programming skills. Here are a few sites that provide free practice problems.

  • Google DataTable .Net Wrapper

    A Google Visualization DataTable wrapper for building google chart objects from the server. A great time saver for preparing data to be displayed client-side with the Google Charts API, from an Asp.Net MVC or Web API back-end.

  • Hide a Series with Angular-Google-Chart

    In my previous post - Google Charts Directive for AngularJS - I introduced the Angular-Google-Chart Project. In this post I'm going to skip some of the basics and go straight to something advanced that I found to be in demand for both this directive and the Google Charts API in general.

  • Google Charts Directive for AngularJS

    An introduction to my favourite pair of tools for adding dynamic JavaScript charts to web sites. Uses the Google Charts API and AngularJS.

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